YS Daruma Brush

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YS Daruma Brush

– For thick and difficult to manage hair
– It is quick drying and prevents split ends
– Pure natural boar bristles creates a glossy and neat smooth finishing
– There are many air holes inside the brush for efficient hot air ventilation
– Will not tire the user as it is a lightweight brush
– Holes on the handles as a non-slip effect
– Since the brush grips onto the hair easily; unnecessary strength is not needed, you can blow withoutfeeling tired.

Model: Diameter
YS 46Da7 : 34mm
YS 50Da6 : 38mm
YS 55Da5 : 42mm
YS 59Da4 : 48mm
YS 64Da3 : 56mm
YS 71Da2 : 65mm
YS 80Da1 : 77mm

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34mm, 38mm, 42mm, 48mm, 56mm, 65mm, 77mm