YS Curl Shine Styler

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YS Curl Shine Styler

– G-Series brush gives a smooth texture to the hair and glossy shine.
– The heat resistant polamide pins are 5-7mm longer than the boar bristles to keep the hair in place allowing you to neaten as well as create firm glossy curls
– The boar bristles are tightly packed together and cut off at the same length to prevent hair from sinking too far into the bristles for a speedier, smoother brushing action.
– Its is lightweight

Model: Diameter / Total Length
YS 35G5 : 34mm / 215mm
YS 40G4 : 42mm / 215mm
YS 50G3 : 52mm / 233mm
YS 55G2 : 56mm / 233mm
YS 60G1 : 60mm / 233mm
YS 65G0 : 65mm / 233mm
YS 66GW0 : 70mm / 233mm

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34mm, 42mm, 52mm, 56mm, 60mm, 65mm, 70mm