Dye brush Roots retouch K-70

The hair used for K – 70 adopts ultra – fine hair and it is used in toothbrush called “saturated polyester resin”.
K – 70 is a very soft hair dyeing brush, it does not scratch gently on the surface.
Since it does not contain any extra liquid, it is a feature of the K-70 that it enables quick coloring.
Superb quality, it does not damage the hair and scalp of the customers which is sensitive to trend hair, and after
doing research repeatedly without any compromise, hair dyeing brush K-70 is born.

Everything is the cutting edge at the
forefront, the K – 70 which uses ultra – fine hair is exactly a premium specification.

Adopt “saturated polyester” of ultra-fine hair used in toothbrush and so on.
There is no unpleasant tingling during application. Also, since it does not contain any additional liquid, it can be quickly colored and is ideal for retouching.

Total Length: 225 mm
Brush Length: 25 mm
Brush Width: 60 mm
Brush Material: Saturated Polyester Resin
Using Soft Hair Friendly to the Scalp
Pattern = PP resin

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White, Brown