NBAA Art Combs 艺术剪发梳

● It is a comb with a high quality design and waste-free functionality that was conceived from the engineer's perspective.

● The design of the comb teeth comes as a single size and shape, and it has pulled attention to detail part,

● The combs teeth is designed to supports accurate shaving.

● It is high safety cutting comb that can be used with confidence .

● The creative shape is difficult to accumulate dust at the base of the comb teeth, you can clean and use.

● On the back side chest part, has entered the memory of the increments of 1cm, it can easily grasp of length.

● The high-performance shape of NBAA comb Art Series is intact and it is a stylish comb you have to have a fashion.

● It is made ​​of slightly softer material than the traditional NBAA comb.

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