Active Shampoo 250ml, 1000ml

Active Shampoo (Hairloss) 250ml, 1000ml

Active Shampoo can effectively fight against hair loss. Hair roots receive oxygen and nutrients through the follicle, which is the only living part of the hair. A man loses his hair for many reasons: as a result of disease, infection or dysfunction of the follicles caused by lack of oxygen.

In this shampoo contains vitamins and active ingredients such as vitamin B8, arnica, soy proteins, inositol and aloe vera. The effect of all these medicinal substances aimed at cleansing and strengthening follicles that make the hair roots subsequently much stronger.

Shampoo evenly to damp hair and massage movements rubbed into the scalp. Next, leave on for five minutes and then wash with running warm water. To achieve rapid therapeutic effect is best to repeat the procedure.

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