Parlux offers innovative technologies for the design, assembly, testing and assistance concerning professional products aimed at demanding and continuously evolving customers.

Quality is a characteristic of Parlux products.  In the case of hairdryers, above all :

  1. quality is an important feature right from the design state and is applied to every single components to provide durability, efficiency, with variable output and calibrated temperature balance.
  2. Silence and balance with no vibration at all from the tool.
  3. Its anatomically designed handle allows the user freedom of movement.  Light to prevent user fatigue.
  4. IMQ certification or compliance with the strictest health and safety standards as certified by the Quality Mark Institute.
  5. Robust materials including outer casing, to prevent breakage from falls or accidental impact.
  6. Consistency in the high quality level for each tool.

Ionic & Ceramic feature:

The combined effect of ceramics with a negative ion charge permits heat to be radiated directly inside the hair without drying out the hair’s external structure.  This new technology preserves the natural moisture in the hair, making it shiner, softer and healthier.  The drops of water are transformed into micro molecules that are absorbed by the hair making it shiny soft and healthy.